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About Allamakee County Conservation Board

The five members of the Allamakee County Conservation Board are appointed by the Allamakee County Board of Supervisors and meet on the first Tuesday of each month. Board meetings, which are open to the public, are usually held at the Allamakee County Conservation Board Office at 427 North 1st Street Harpers Ferry, Iowa 52146. During summer months, the Conservation Board meetings are sometimes held at park locations.


See the Board Minutes and Agenda at the Allamakee County website :


It is the Conservation Board’s responsibility to acquire, develop, maintain and make available, to the inhabitants of the county, public museums, parks, preserves, parkways, playgrounds, recreational centers, environmental educational opportunities, county forests, wildlife and other conservation areas; and to promote and preserve the health and general welfare of the people; and to encourage the orderly development and conservation of natural resources; and to cultivate good citizenship by providing adequate programs of public recreation.

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