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The Conservation parks and Driftless Area Education & Visitor Center provides a unique place  for families to connect with the outdoors, our natural and agricultural heritage and each other.


In our increasingly fast-paced, plugged-in world, it is more important than ever to step away from the pressures of life and technology and just BE together.  We hold several events each year that are designed to be experienced by families together, and our programs encourages you to bring nature right to your back door where you can experience it together.

Family Activities Offered by Allamakee County Naturalist

Groups of mixed adults, families, and grandparents with grandkids building birdhouses that they will take home

and put up in their backyard



Want to enjoy the winter snow? Go to the following locations to rent a pair of snowshoes for your winter hike in the great outdoors!


Available Locations

Barry's Mini Mart - Harpers Ferry

Waukon Wellness Center - Waukon

Main Street Matters - Lansing



$5.00 - Snowshoe Pair

$6.00 - Snowshoe Pair & Poles

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